Legalese — Driving in the Snow

01/16/2022 Lori Duff 0

I learned how to drive in New York, where snow was something that you expected every winter.  People knew what to do.  Here in Georgia, where it only snows every few years, and rarely more […]

new year's resolution

New Year’s Resolution

01/08/2022 Lori Duff 0

In case you hadn’t noticed, it is now 2022.  I saw on Twitter this morning that the release of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was closer to D-Day than it is to now, and that makes me […]


Time to Sparkle

12/25/2021 Lori Duff 0

Generally speaking, I’m not what you’d call fancy.  If you have the misfortune of seeing me on the weekend you might think to yourself, “I mean, is she going out of her way to look […]


Sleeping in the Dark

12/11/2021 Lori Duff 0

Hello Dark, You’re Not My Friend. I can never remember which is daylight savings time – the fall back one or the spring forward one.  Honestly, I don’t care which is which, I just wish […]

targeted marketing

Targeted Marketing

11/22/2021 Lori Duff 0

As a fifty-one year old woman, I don’t have a lot of use for penile enlargement supplements.  As a person who posts pictures of her dog more often than her kids, I don’t need horse […]


Legalese — Mens Rea

11/01/2021 Lori Duff 0

Mens Rea is one of my favorite Latin legal terms.  It means, literally, “criminal mind.”  That’s such a great image – it brings forth a picture of a brain that is itself criminal, wearing black […]


Full-Grown Adult

10/24/2021 Lori Duff 0

My son is about to turn 20 and I have some feelings about that.  When other people turn 20, I think, well yeah, he’s an adult, of course he’s 20.  But when Jacob turns 20, […]


War Stories

10/11/2021 Lori Duff 0

Let me start out by saying that I do love my husband.  We’ve been married for 22 years now, and I’m hoping for at least 22 more. But. He’s retired, I’m not.  He’s been retired […]


Legalese — Mandatory Vaccinations

10/03/2021 Lori Duff 0

These days there is a lot of confusing information on the internet and social media.  The fact that we are still in a pandemic that affects public policy only highlights the problem. One of the […]

toxic positivity

Toxic Positivity

09/25/2021 Lori Duff 0

Is this the kind of creepy smile you are talking about? You know someone like the person I’m about to talk about.  It doesn’t matter what awful thing has just happened, they always have this […]


Legalese — Amending the Constitution

09/18/2021 Lori Duff 0

Friday, September 17, 2021 was Constitution Day this year, as is every September 17th of every year.  September 17th is Constitution Day because that is the day that it was signed by the constitutional delegates.  […]



09/13/2021 Lori Duff 0

If you’re in the market for crapola, you need look no further than my house.  My house is the repository of crapola of all kinds.  We are a department store of crapola.  Housewares?  Look over […]

Porch Pirates

Legalese — Porch Pirates

09/05/2021 Lori Duff 0

There’s a lot of trust that goes on with mail.  Most of us do not have locked mailboxes.  The post office drops off stuff in a box at the bottom of our driveways, or leaves […]

inbox zero

Inbox Zero

08/28/2021 Lori Duff 0

Once upon a time in a land not too far away we wrote letters on a typewriter, using carbon paper if we wanted to keep a copy and Wite-Out[1] if we made a mistake, put […]

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