02/13/2021 Lori Duff 0

I can’t remember the last time I was bored.  Bored seems like such a luxury.  It means that there is nothing to clean, your books-to-read pile is done, all your yard work is complete, there […]


Legalese — Disbarment

02/06/2021 Lori Duff 0

Lawyers are members of bar associations.  Some bar associations, like each individual State’s Bar Association, require mandatory membership if you want to legally practice law in that state.  Other bar associations are voluntary.  These can […]


Mask Up for Kindness

01/30/2021 Lori Duff 0

If you’re going to have to wear a mask, make it a cute one with puppies on it In case you hadn’t noticed, we are in the middle of a pandemic.  As I am writing […]

Every. Single. Day.


01/16/2021 Lori Duff 0

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but things have been a little bit out of control lately.  We can’t seem to go more than 45 minutes without breaking news.  That doesn’t even count all the […]


Legalese — The Pledge of Allegiance

01/10/2021 Lori Duff 0

The pledge of allegiance is something that most of us learned in school.  I remember it being a rote part of mornings, something we did with hand over heart, not really thinking about the words.  […]


Spoil the Puppy

01/02/2021 Lori Duff 0

We have been dog owners for over two years now. Having Lincoln in our house has revealed a divide that I feel like sociologists should study.  The divide is along gender lines, which I don’t […]


Legalese — Separation of Powers

12/27/2020 Lori Duff 0

Most of us are aware of the three branches of government – the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial.  However, other than the basic awareness, it seems from many social media posts, often by people […]


An Antedote to 2020

12/20/2020 Lori Duff 0

Well, well, well.  We all thought that would never happen.  The end of 2020.  What a year.  I suppose there’s someone out there who is thinking, “This was my best year ever!” but I can […]


Legalese — Electoral College

12/13/2020 Lori Duff 0

Most Americans are under the impression that when they cast a vote for their choice for their candidate in the Presidential election that they are voting for that candidate directly.  They aren’t.  Our system is […]


A Time to Yell

12/05/2020 Lori Duff 0

About a dozen or more years ago, on Christmas Eve, I found myself in the emergency room with blinding pain in my abdomen. I put up with the pain for a few days, pretending I […]


Legalese — Strict Scrutiny

11/21/2020 Lori Duff 0

If you are a nerd like me and you follow not so much the news but the inner workings of the court battles that the news then reports on, in the past week you have […]



11/13/2020 Lori Duff 0

Of all the things I’ve accomplished in my life, the one and only thing that anyone will care about is that I was on Jeopardy![1]. In my office, I have framed diplomas from prestigious universities, […]


Legalese — Cottage Food Business

11/08/2020 Lori Duff 0

I know, I know.  Your grandmother made the absolute best brownies.  She cracked the code in brownie making, and everyone says that you should sell them using her recipe. You make a mean muffin, too, […]

Top News

Wash Your Hands

10/31/2020 Lori Duff 0

It’s not like washing our hands is something we only figured out was a thing during this pandemic.  We were always supposed to wash our hands regularly.  After we went potty, for example, and before […]


Yellow Camaro

10/17/2020 Lori Duff 0

I am 50 years old and I have owned a grand total of four cars in my life.  The first was a 1985 Oldsmobile Delta 88 with a hood the size of a regulation basketball […]


Legalese — Freedom of the Press

10/11/2020 Lori Duff 0

Back in the day, before America was America, America was a part of Great Britain.  We weren’t all that excited about being a part of Great Britain and said so, loudly and often.  We wrote […]

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