Back By Student Demand: “Future Innovator” and “Women in Technology” Scholarships

Brian Skillman and his team at have decided to re-launch two scholarships: “Future Innovator” and “Women in Technology.” “The deadlines for two of [those] scholarships passed last semester. But since that time, we’ve received an unprecedented amount of emails from students to bring them back,” said Skillman. “I’m pleased to know that we’ve been able to do just that!”

For both scholarships, you must be either in high school or attending an accredited university or college (both graduate and undergraduate students accepted). You must have an account with Study Soup and upload their notes to help other students who use the site. For the “Future Innovator” scholarship, you must be at least 13 years old and have taken part in a mentorship program, humanitarian project, organized a fundraising event, or otherwise proven yourself as a vessel to help others. For the “Women In Technology” scholarship, you must be at least e18 years old, female, and planning to have a career in computer science. The award for both is $1,000.

To apply and for more information about both, you can visit here for “Future Innovator” and here for “Women In Technology”.

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