Barrelle Roofing; taking care of business when teacher is scammed

Back in December of 2018, Gwinnett County teacher, Amber Hamilton, was very excited about getting her roof fixed. She handed over an insurance check for more than $7,000 to get it done to Eric Lopez who at that time was operating Renaissance Construction out of Buford. Unfortunately, by September 2019, there was a warrant out for the arrest of Lopez due to the fact that he was an alleged scammer accused of taking money but not following through with any roofing repair. Hamilton had been caught in the scam. The check was cashed, no materials arrived and no calls to Lopez were returned to Hamilton. She reported it to the Gwinnett County Police, but that didn’t really help her with the problems with her roof. She later heard that Lopez had been arrested, but that too didn’t help her any with the necessary repairs to the roof.

After being scammed out of more than $7,000 for roofing repairs, Amber Hamilton is getting the repairs done free of charge by Barrelle Roofing out of Loganville.

That’s when Barrelle Roofing heard of her plight and stepped in. They got hold of the detective handling the case who put them in touch with Hamilton – and today she is getting those repairs done to her roof free of charge, courtesy of Barrelle Roofing out of Loganville.

“She is on a teacher’s salary, does a lot of volunteer work – such as teaching English as a Second Language – and is very deserving,” said Marie Turner with Barrelle Roofing.

Hamilton said she couldn’t believe it when she was told she would be getting the repairs done to her roof without having to find all that extra money.

“I thought I was being punked. All I can say is thank the Lord – and thank you Barrelle Roofing,” Hamilton said.

Turner thanked ABC Supplies in Athens for partnering with them to provide the supplies necessary to complete the job. She went on to urge people to always check before handing over money to someone to do work for you.

“Do your research – look at the company, go to the Better Business Bureau, go to your local Chamber. There’s a lot of roofing companies that are not on the up and up,” she said.

Turner went live from the site Thursday as workers from Barrelle Roofing began fixing Hamilton’s roof. A very excited Hamilton took the day off and shares her story in the live feed below.

For more information on Barrelle Roofing click or tap on this link. The company’s guarantee is there on the front page. “No Money Down – we don’t collect a single penny until your work is done.”

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