Barrow County Resident Receives Hice Headliner Award

Press release from Congressman Jody Hice

Barrow County resident Kirsten Medlam. Contributed photo

Monroe, GA – Congressman Jody Hice (GA-10) today announced that the Hice Headliner for the month of October is Barrow County resident Kirsten Medlam. Working as a volunteer, she serves as the Director of Operations at New Path 1010, a nonprofit organization that provides weekend food bags to children in need through the Barrow County School System.

“It’s Kirsten’s passion for the organization that led her to retire from teaching and pour herself fully into the ministry,” Hice said. “As the Director of Operations at New Path, she works weekly with volunteers to assemble food bags and deliver them to schools. According to a board member, Kirsten faithfully works behind the scenes – not seeking any attention. She is fiercely dedicated, a hard worker, and is an essential member of the team. Thanks to volunteers, like Kirsten, New Path is able to make a difference in its community by working to end the cycle of systemic poverty.”

New Path’s program provides food bags across seven schools and has eliminated a waiting list of students in need of supplemental food. To learn more about the program, visit New Path’s website at

Hice is pleased to recognize outstanding local citizens who go above and beyond to help their neighbors and strengthen our community. To submit a nomination for this monthly award, send an email to

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