BOC to hear application for conditional use permit for event venue in rural residential area

Walton County, Ga. – The Board of Commissioners will hear the case for a conditional use permit for an event venue at a home on Double Springs Church Road at the June 2019 BOC meeting on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. There also will be a public hearing on the application and there is expected to be a large presence in opposition to the action. Residents in the area, which is described as rural residential, have collection names on a petition claiming that the development will make the road unsafe due to the extra cars on the road, the potential drinking and driving from the location and speeding on the road. The surrounding properties are zoned A1 and the neighbors say that there is not a need for another event venue in the area as there are 100 within a 25-mile radius. There is also concern about the lights and noise in a quiet residential neighborhood from the event venue.

The owners of the property at 1775 Double Springs Church Road, Reinhard & Annette Seier, want to build an event venue for weddings and similar occasions. They will also put in parking spaces and consider moving the driveway which currently sits on a curve in the road. They say they will only hold events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will adhere to any noise ordinance. The Planning Commissions has recommended denial.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the Historic Courthouse in downtown Monroe. The full agenda follows.

1. Public Comment
1.01 3 Minute Limit
2. Presentations
2.01 Special Presentation
3. Meeting Opening
3.01 Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation
3.02 Call to Order
 3.03 Roll Call
4. Adoption of Agenda
4.01 Additions/Deletions
5. Unfinished Business
5.01 Public Hearing – Second Reading – Walton County Impact Fee Ordinance
5.02 Public Hearing & Decision on Abandonment of a portion of Malcom Lane
 5.03 Decision on Planning Commission recommendation to deny ZCU19020015 – Rezone 5.00 acres from MH to MHP Conditional Use to allow for permanent recreational use – Applicant/Owner: Tony Jenkins – 2960 Etchison Rd – Map/Parcel C0610052 – District 1
6. Planning Commission Recommendations
6.01 Approval with conditions of Z19040005– Rezone 38.21 acres from R1 to R1 PDS for a private drive subdivision – Applicant: Reliant Homes GA, LLC/Owner: MFT Land Investments LLC – 3799 N Sharon Church Rd. – Map/Parcel C0240018 – District 2
6.02 Approval with conditions of LU1904003 & Z19040004– Land Use Change from Neighborhood Residential to Rural Residential and Rezone 114+-acres from A2 R2 to A for farming operations – Applicant/Owner: Roberta Farms LLC – Monroe Jersey Rd – Map/Parcel C0660035B00 – District 3
6.03 Approval of CU19030004 – Conditional Use for a guest house – Applicant/Owner: David & Judy Autry – 5226 Hawkins Academy Rd – Map/Parcel C1720074 – District 4
6.04 Approval with conditions of Z19030027– Rezone 14.54 acres from A1 to A to grow & sell organic pecans, eggs & chicks – Applicant: Dennis Martin – 530 Tanners Bridge Rd. – Map/Parcel C0710077B00 – District 5
6.05 Approval as per the site plan of CU19030028 – Conditional Use for a church/religious facility – Applicant: Griffin & Davis Consulting Inc./Owner: Khanh Quang Ho – 3615 Miller Bottom Rd – Map/Parcel C0020026 – District 2
6.06 Denial of CU19040001 – Conditional Use for an event venue – Applicant/Owner: Reinhard & Annette Seier – 1775 Double Springs Church Rd – Map/Parcel C074007B00 – District 5
6.07 Approval of OA19030026 – Amendment to Walton County Land Development Ordinance per Errata Sheet dated 4-2-2019
6.08 Request to waive curb and gutter requirements on a subdivision to be developed by Rosewood Development Company – 26 lots – H.D. Atha Road – District 1
7. Administrative Consent Agenda
7.01 Monthly Financial Matters, Contracts & Approval of Meeting Minutes
8. Resolutions
8.01 Re-Adoption of Walton County, Georgia Service Delivery Strategy
8.02 FY 2019 Budget Amendments
8.03 Authorizing Chairman to amend the FY 2019 budgets as part of the fiscal year closing process
8.04 Adoption of FY 2020 Budget
9. Public Works
9.01 Acceptance of Proposals – Emergency Wing Wall Repairs – Broadnax Mill Rd. & Ammons Bridge Road (for the record)
10. Announcements
10.01 July 9, 2019 – Regular Monthly Meeting – 6:00 p.m. (Second Tuesday)
11. Executive Session

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