Book launch at Monroe Walton Center for the Arts scheduled for Sunday

There will be a Book Launch with Lynn Hesse from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 14, for her book, The Underground Chameleon. It will take place at the Monroe Walton Center for the Arts located at 205 South Broad Street, Monroe, GA, United States, Georgia 30655.

You are invited to meet Lynn, browse her books …. and buy a book if you’d like.

The Underground Chameleon: An Android Against Authoritarianism

In 2045 Atlanta, Georgia, a grandmother and her grandson run a private detective agency in a world with flying cars, holograms, drone surveillance, mandatory senior meds, and an authoritarian government without a Bill of Rights. Dorothy Saunders or Grams and Teddy, an illegal android, are members of the Underground and work against the state to abolish annual home inspections and establish democratic elections. They appear to their neighbors as a fiction writer and a human college student, but Jack Saunders created Teddy before his death. Now, Teddy hugs Grams at least three times a day, and they work together solving P.I. cases for extra cash

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