Breaking: City of Monroe terminates services of interim city administrator

Ron Rabun. Photo credit: Linkedin
Ron Rabun. Photo credit: Linkedin

At the end of an executive session at the January City Council meeting Tuesday, the City of Monroe voted unanimously to terminate the services of interim city administrator Ron Rabun. The termination is immediate.

Rabun was hired in May 2016 to replace former city administrator Matthew Chancey who resigned in January last year to take a position with Edward Jones.

Monroe Mayor Greg Thompson said the city would conduct a search for a new city administrator, but in the meantime a person would be appointed to help co-ordinate the day-to-day operations of the city.

“He will not be the city administrator – he will just be someone for department heads to go to for the day-to-day operations until we get someone else in,” Thompson said, adding that Rabun was hired on an interim contract for a year, which is only up in May 2017, but it was decided to go ahead and terminate his services now. “We have some big projects coming up between now and May so we thought it was better, with a new year starting and these projects coming up, to make the break now. Ron’s a great guy, but he is just not the right fit for the city.”

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