Easy Vote system goes down for a short time in Walton County on second day of voting

Officials with Walton County Elections confirmed that the Easy Vote system went down at both the early voting sites in the County for a time on Tuesday. Easy Vote is the electronic system by which a person casts their ballot on the machine then prints out a copy for verification before submitting it.

“People can still vote, but they have to do it manually and then we have to verify that they have not submitted an absentee ballot,” Elections supervisor Lisa Clark said. Clark said it made for a slower process as each person has to complete the form manually as well as an official has to verify whether an absentee ballot has been completed.

“We have to be on the phone with them to do that,” Clark said. “However they are still voting.”

By early afternoon, however, the machines were all back up and running and the early vote continued unhampered by the need for voters to cast their ballots manually.

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