Breaking: Georgia Governor signs executive order prohibiting state entities from requiring vaccine passports

ATLANTA — Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has joined other states prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine passports from being required by state agencies. These would be paper or digital proof of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination or alternatively a recent negative test.

“Vaccination is a personal decision between each citizen and a medical professional— not state government. Today, I released an executive order prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine passports in state government,” Kemp said in a Tweet.

Executive Order also notes that no vaccine passport will be required for people to enter Georgia and employers cannot treat employees differently based on their vaccinated status. He noted that vaccination is a personal decision between a citizen and a medical professional and not the state government.

Several states, as noted in the following link from Beckers Health It, have proposed legislation to prevent attempts to introduce vaccine passports. At this time, New York is the only state that has implemented any type of vaccine passport with its Excelsior Pass program.

Click or tap on this link to read the Executive Order.

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