Breaking: Man charged with carjacking after allegedly forcing a woman to drive him to Monroe Walmart at gunpoint

A Monroe man has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment and hijacking a motor vehicle after he allegedly forced a woman at gunpoint Monday night to drive him to the Walmart in Monroe.

Brandon Ray Langston, 22, was arrested in the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 13, 2021, after the victim was able to drive away while Langston was inside Walmart.

According to the Monroe Police Department incident report, Langston got into the passenger’s seat of her vehicle when she was in the car at a home on Baker Street about to drive to the store. When she told him she did not know him, he allegedly pulled a gun, allegedly a 9 mm , and instructed her to drive him to Walmart. She said that being in fear for her life, she did so. She was, however, able to call a friend without his knowledge and leave the phone line open on video chat so her friend was able to hear what was going on. She dropped Langston in front of the grocery store entrance at which time he instructed her to wait for him to return. Needless to say, she did not do so. She drove to the gas station on the corner of Spring Street and Breedlove and called her mother, who had already been notified by the friend and had called 911. The victim kept the video call running and still had it on when police responded.

A Monroe police officer responding recognized the description of the suspect as someone he had dealt with earlier in the day when Langston had tried to get a motel room at Monroe Motor Inn. He was informed that Langston had not checked in, but with information available officers were able to establish Langston’s home address in Meadow Walk and contact his mother. Langston was not home at the time, but his mother called in the early morning hours to report he had returned home and was asleep. Police were able to obtain a search warrant to search the house and arrived to arrest Langston. He allegedly seemed a little out of it and would show signs of falling asleep. He was, however, arrested, checked out by EMS and remains in custody at Walton County Detention Center.

Police report that a gun was not located during a search of the room he was sleeping in or the bathroom across the hall.

Editor’s Note: An arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

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