Breaking: Rolling Pill operation bust; hazmat incident close two roads in Walton County

Jacks Creek Road is closed between Jim Edmondson Road and Old Good Hope Road due to a law enforcement matter and Double Springs Road is closed due to an accident involving hazardous material.

Wreck on Double Springs Road on Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018, required hazmat crews to ensure no contamination to Briscoe Reservoir. Photo credit: Capt. Jack Armstrong, Walton County Fire Rescue.

Walton County Fire Rescue is currently working a motor vehicle accident on Double Springs Road at the Briscoe Reservoir. According to Battalion Chief Craig League, a lawn chemical truck is involved in the accident.

“There has been a small HazMat chemical release near the reservoir. The Fire Department and Hazmat personnel are on scene, and EPD/EPA have been contacted,” League said.

“(It is) unknown if any lawn fertilizer reached the water source,” said Capt. Jack Armstrong with WCFR. “Officials are on location evaluating the situation. No imediate life hazard to the public.”

Since the incident on Jacks Creek Road is a law enforcement matter, details on that are not yet available. Avoid both areas for the moment.

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