Breaking: Tickets issued in Loganville by fired GSP Troopers to be dismissed

The City of Loganville announced Friday that a decision had been made by Loganville Municipal Court Judge Lori Duff and Loganville Police Department Asst. Chief Dick Lowry to dismiss tickets issued in its jurisdiction by one of the fired Georgia State Patrol troopers.

“One of the dismissed GSP troopers issued citations in our district and the decision was made to dismiss those cases,” Robbie Schwartz, spokesman for the City of Loganville, said. “This only affects those 10 citations issued by the one trooper.”

The following announcement was released by the City of Loganville.

On Jan. 29th, 2020, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety Col. Mark McDonough announced the termination of 30 Georgia State Patrol troopers following an investigation into improprieties during testing and examinations in the 106th Basic trooper Academy.

Following that announcement, the City of Loganville Municipal Court and the Loganville Police Department conducted an audit of the court docket and citation records from the time of that trooper graduation – from August 2019 to the present. A total of 10 citations were identified to have been submitted to the Loganville Municipal Court from one of the affected troopers working out of Post #46 in Monroe.

The Loganville Police Department and the Georgia State Patrol work very hard to ensure the issuance of traffic citations are done fairly and objectively, and the Municipal Court takes great pains to guarantee that anyone issued a citation is provided a fair and impartial hearing on their charges.

To make certain that our law enforcement and court systems remain as transparent as we can make them, all citations issued by this trooper have been dismissed. Any citizen who paid their citation prior to this issue coming to light will be refunded the full amount of any fines assessed and the citation will not appear on their driving history.

We applaud the actions of the Georgia State Patrol in identifying this issue and taking immediate and decisive action against those involved. We look forward to the continued positive working relationship we have built with our dedicated partners in the Georgia State Patrol.


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