Breaking: Two people injured in separate skydiving accidents in Monroe Sunday

Monroe Public Safety officials report that two people were injured Sunday in separate accidents while skydiving in Monroe.

Monroe Public Safety Director Keith Glass said the first was a 55-year-old woman who injured herself in a jump this afternoon. She was taken to Clearview Regional Medical Center. Monroe Fire Department reported she had a hard landing that severely injured her ankle. The second incident was early Sunday evening. In that incident a 30-year-old male broke his ankle leaving the plane, either jumping or stepping out.

Bill Scott with Skydive Monroe said it appeared that neither of the injuries were too serious, dislocations.

“One the student’s foot hooked on a clump of grass and the other jumper reached with one foot and the ankle rolled,” Scott said.
Last month, an experienced skydiver lost his life after a hard landing at Monroe-Walton County Airport. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition, but did not survive his injuries.

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