Breaking: WCFR Station closes Station 3 due to case of COVID-19

Press release from Walton County government

Monroe, GA – On Thursday, April 23, 2020, Fire Chief Kevin Haney announced that he closed Walton County Fire Rescue Station 3 for decontamination. (Update: This was only done for about four hours from 8 am until noon, so that a deep disinfection of the station, and apparatus, could be conducted. There are crews there now and functioning as normal.)

Station 3 is located in Walnut Grove. It is the new station that was built on Highway 81 next to the Corn Dawgs property.

This closure was due to a part-time firefighter testing positive for COVID-19. All firefighters and EMS personnel who were on duty during this shift have been placed on a 14-day quarantine. During this closure, Haney ensured the proper cleaning of the building as well as any equipment and fire trucks associated with Station 3. Officials with WCFR report that this firefighter also worked for a fire department in DeKalb County and the crew that worked with him at that particular station is also being quarantined.

Walton County Assistant Fire Chief Craig League said when working with patients WCFR crews are using universal precautions for all patients they come in contact with, including mask, gloves, goggles and gowns.

“WCFR does not believe anyone from the general public has been exposed from this positive employee,” League said. “We are doing everything recommended by the department of public health to protect our patients and ourselves from potential exposure.”

Walton County Fire Rescue continues to make the safety of the County’s citizens and employees its top priority.  All measures were taken to ensure that Station 3 was thoroughly decontaminated and operational as quickly as possible in order to serve Walton County’s citizens.

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