Update: Child was not lured into woods according to Social Circle police


In a video posted on Facebook, Social Circle Police Chief Tyrone Oliver said the juvenile appears to have gone into the woods on her own due to some concerns she had over potential disciplinary action from an issue that had taken place earlier in the day.

Initial story

Social Circle Police and Walton County Sheriff’s Office, with the K9 unit, are currently searching the woods of Highway 11 in the area of Fred’s for a man who possibly was involved with luring a 12-year-old into the woods. However, Social Circle Police Chief Tyrone Oliver said the girl was not abducted and does not appear to have been forced into the woods.

“We’re not quite sure what is going on yet and we have not located any person in the woods. We are continuing to search,” Oliver said.

The initial call was regarding a missing child Oliver said. The mother had reportedly left the 12-year-old in the car when she went into Fred’s store. When she came out the child was missing. Police immediately responded to the area and set up a perimeter and, with the assistance of WCSO, began a search. Oliver said video surveillance was obtained and a picture of the girl was circulated.

“It was then that the juvenile came walking out of the woods and said that there was a male subject in the woods,” Oliver said. “We immediately began searching the woods for the person she described.”

This all began a little before 2 p.m. and at this time no man has been located in the woods, but Oliver said the description given by the 12-year-old matched a description given by others who had seen him hanging around the area. However, Oliver did want to reiterate that the girl did not appear to be harmed and is currently safe. He said he was grateful for the quick response with assistance from the WCSO. Several WCSO vehicles were seen rushing down Highway 11 towards Social Circle in response.

This will be updated with any other information when it becomes available.

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