Brown’s Mobile Veterinary Clinic is hiring

Brown’s mobile Veterinary Clinic, serving Walton, Gwinnett, Rockdale, Newton, Winder, Decatur and surrounding areas, is hiring.

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Employees need according to the Facebook page.

1. someone who’s worked in a vet clinic before, that can answer questions, book appointments, talk to people like they are your friends. I need a receptionist that also has some knowledge of medical conditions and can differentiate what needs to be seen TODAY vs what can wait till Thursday. Ideally this person can work 5 days a week 8-5 or 9-6. You would most definitely have other things dumped on you to do, especially once I figured out what else you where good at. Your primary job would be to answer phones though so don’t get your hopes up I’m going to ask you to hold a bear. You also should like people and all things that come with people — panic, anxiety, stressed out cause their dog just pooped blood all over their house. We currently function via text messaging, and I think Ill probably keep that aspect because I like being able to read what’s being said and it helps keep everyone in the know (yes i do read the texts), BUT you will have to answer the phone sometimes. — I also expect us to be BUSY once i open the doors. —- I got no idea about pay rate yet so Im open to talk about it.

2. Assistant (s) — I’m gonna need someone with experience with animals and working in a vet clinic before would be great. Your gonna be in clinic most days. I might steal you and take you on the trucks with me to do pigs and goats but we will see. This person could be full time or part time as well . M- F 8-5:30 are the hours as of right now in my head. I’m going to need to see a resume on this one or know who you are already if you don’t have a resume,

3. Resetter — someone who comes in 1 or 2 days a week and cleans up the chaos, restocks the rooms, restocks the trucks, cleans my trucks out, does whatever needs to be done.

As of right now that’s all I got. Ill probably need a practice manager at some point in my life but today.

I fully anticipate this clinic to be BUSY — its on main road and there are alot of people moving into the area. As a Boss I am a pretty laid person… i rarely loose my shit, as a whole I’m gonna tell you what I don’t like, handle the situation and move on. I do not dwell in the past. If you want to apply send me your info –

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