Legalese — The Pledge of Allegiance

01/10/2021 Lori Duff 0

The pledge of allegiance is something that most of us learned in school.  I remember it being a rote part of mornings, something we did with hand over heart, not really thinking about the words.  […]


Legalese — Separation of Powers

12/27/2020 Lori Duff 0

Most of us are aware of the three branches of government – the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial.  However, other than the basic awareness, it seems from many social media posts, often by people […]


Legalese — Electoral College

12/13/2020 Lori Duff 0

Most Americans are under the impression that when they cast a vote for their choice for their candidate in the Presidential election that they are voting for that candidate directly.  They aren’t.  Our system is […]


Legalese — Strict Scrutiny

11/21/2020 Lori Duff 0

If you are a nerd like me and you follow not so much the news but the inner workings of the court battles that the news then reports on, in the past week you have […]


Legalese — Cottage Food Business

11/08/2020 Lori Duff 0

I know, I know.  Your grandmother made the absolute best brownies.  She cracked the code in brownie making, and everyone says that you should sell them using her recipe. You make a mean muffin, too, […]


Legalese — Freedom of the Press

10/11/2020 Lori Duff 0

Back in the day, before America was America, America was a part of Great Britain.  We weren’t all that excited about being a part of Great Britain and said so, loudly and often.  We wrote […]


Legalese — Liquor Delivery

08/29/2020 Lori Duff 0

You may have heard about the new Georgia law that allows for home delivery of alcoholic beverages.  The law, House Bill 879, is fairly lengthy, and convoluted, so I thought I’d break it down here. […]


Legalese — The Post Office

08/17/2020 Lori Duff 0

The United States Post Office has been in the news a lot lately.  Wherever you stand on the matter, here’s some information you probably didn’t know about it: the post office is constitutional.  The original […]


Legalese — Confederate Monuments

08/02/2020 Lori Duff 0

Like just about everyone who has spent more than ten minutes south of the Mason-Dixon line, I have an opinion about the propriety of Confederate Monuments in public spaces.  I am not here to tell […]


Ode to Admins During Coronapocalypse

07/25/2020 Lori Duff 0

I’m more fortunate than a lot of people, I suppose, in that during coronapocalypse my industry, the law, has been considered an essential one and we never really shut down.  Things shifted to Zoom and […]


Legalese — Long Loads

06/20/2020 Lori Duff 0

How many times have you been driving down the road and there is a truck or trailer in front of you that has lumber or logs in the bed that are sticking out?  Sometimes there […]


Legalese — The Right to Assembly

06/06/2020 Lori Duff 0

The United States of America originated with a rebellion.  Our forefathers and mothers became so frustrated when the King of England wouldn’t listen to them and address their grievances that they fought a war and […]


Legalese — Citizen’s Arrest

05/25/2020 Lori Duff 0

The State of Georgia has made the national news lately for the concept of citizen’s arrest.  I thought I’d take this space to discuss exactly what a citizen’s arrest is according to Georgia law. The […]


Play ball?

05/13/2020 Sharon Swanepoel 0

Because I work with kids, kids have been on my mind … and because I coach kids, sports have been on my mind. It is time to bring both back to life. No, sports aren’t […]

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