Census 2020 can be taken online, by phone or by mail this year

Press release from Gwinnett County

Photo credit: Census Bureau
In mid-March, the Census Bureau will send questionnaires to homes around the country. Completing the census is easy, important, and safe. The 2020 Census is the first time people can fill out their census online on mobile devices or desktop computers. Public libraries in Gwinnett offer free Wi-Fi and free computer access. You can also respond by phone or by mail.

In May, census takers will visit homes that haven’t responded, and in December 2020, the bureau will issue a report to Congress and the president.

Census counts shape legislative and congressional districts, determine how federal and state resources are distributed (more people means more resources and services), and influence critical policy decisions. Also, it is illegal for anyone to share your personal information disclosed in the census. Your information can only be used for statistics.
For more information visit 2020Census.gov.

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