Check presented to LPD after ‘Turn Loganville Blue’ campaign

Local teenager also recognized for her support of Loganville Police Department

Loganville resident Melanie Long hands Loganville Police Chief a check for $408 raised in her “Turn Loganville Blue” campaign. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

Loganville resident Melanie Long was on hand at the Loganville City Council meeting last week to present a check to Loganville Police Chief Mike McHugh for $408 raised by her during her “Turn Loganville Blue” campaign.

“The Police Department can use it for whatever they want to,” Long said, going on to emotionally say what a wonderful police department Loganville has. Long had announced the campaign last month, asking everybody to put a blue light on their porch to show support for the Loganville Police Department.

“Our men and women in Blue are under an immense amount of pressure right now. Loganville has a wonderful police force. I would like for the people of this town to get behind our men and women in blue and show them that we support them,” Long had said in asking people to join her support for LPD.

Loganville Police Chief Mike McHugh thanks Loganville resident Melanie Long for money raised for the department during her ‘Turn Loganville Blue” campaign.

Long, who owns Lock Stock and Barrell in Loganville, said she’d had difficulty locating blue light bulbs and offered to help if anyone is also unable to locate any. She purchased extra supplies when she did locate them and offered them to the public for $3 each, the proceeds of which would go to LPD. That $408 dollar check was from the proceeds.

“I still have some (blue bulbs) left if anybody else wants and that money also will be donated to them,” Long said

McHugh thanked her for the check and for her support of the police department.

Last month, Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez had suggested another way to show support for the police would be to “just feed them,” by dropping off tasty treats at the precinct and Loganville teen Alexis McDowell did that, along with some cleaning supplies and an American flag. She was also in attendance at the Loganville City Council meeting on Aug. 13 to be recognized for her support of the Police Department. Martinez presented her with a resolution from the city thanking her for her citizenship.

From left: Loganville Police Chief Mike McHugh, Loganville resident Alexis McDowell and Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez. Photo Credit: Sharon Swanepoel

“Alexis watched this summer as protests against the local police departments tore cities apart. In her heart she knows police officers work long hours and rarely get the appreciation they deserve while their families of these officers worry about their safety each shift. Out of her appreciation for the work they do in protecting our community, Alexis took it upon herself to put care packages together for our City of Loganville Officers. She provided sweets, chips, cleaning supplies and even an American flag,” the resolution read, finishing up with, “The City of Loganville would like to thank you Alexis for your kindness, generosity and effort. We wish you success in your future.”

Alexis graduated in 2019 from George Walton High School and will be beginning her sophomore year at the University of North Georgia.

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