City of Loganville to consider review of its municipal court appointees

The Loganville City Council is expected to vote Thursday on another review of its appointed court professional staff. The city went through a similar process a couple of years ago and opted not to make any changes.

“We had a Marietta judge do the review and she gave us some suggestions,” said City Attorney Robyn Webb. This time, however, officials plan to have a review committee that will include Loganville court clerk Kimberly Pickens and an outside municipal judge. Pickens has been with the city since 1987. Webb said the outside municipal judge on the review committee would not be anyone from Gwinnett or Walton County.

“We will then open up the solicitor and current judge to new bids,” Webb said. Loganville City Manager Danny Roberts said he was the only one of the four council-appointed staff members who currently had a contract. Officials expect the review process to take about 90 days and then it would be opened up to applicants to submit bids. They would then come before the committee which would make recommendations and a decision would be made to keep or replace, whatever the case may be, officials said. The city would also be reviewing the payment schedule that the professional court staff receives.

The current municipal court judge is Lori Duff who became the permanent judge after a brief interim stint when the former judge, Brad Brownlow, retired in 2015. Larry Steele is the current solicitor for the City of Loganville.


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