City of Monroe disconnects all utility services to Conestoga MHP

The City of Monroe advised that it had disconnected all utilities to the Conestoga Mobile Home Park at 120 Vine Street at 7:15 a.m. on Oct. 11, 2019. According to Cindy Little with Faith in Serving Humanity, there are still families living there who have not been able to find alternative accommodation. She put out an urgent message on Facebook asking if anyone has rental properties available, to please get in touch with her.

Logan Propes, Monroe City Administrator, said in a press release that  60 days notice was given that Oct. 11 was the day it was going to happen due to code violations that resulted in the property having utilities disconnected. (Editor’s Correction: This was not an official condemnation of the property as alluded to earlier.)

“The city had served notice to the owner over 60 days ago on August 8th that the utilities would be disconnected should the park not be brought into compliance. All residents were also notified by the City Marshal and the Code Officer 60 days ago that their utilities would be disconnected. An earlier letter to the MHP property owner on June 7, 2019 served as notice of significant deficiencies and requested a corrective action plan.  Further requests and discussion by the city with the MHP property owner to create a realistic and actionable plan for repairs, thus potentially extending the utility disconnect deadline, were not met by the owner,” the press release read.

At a meeting of residents last month, this was just what residents were fearful of – that some of them would not be able to find alternative accommodations by the time the deadline rolled around. They also addressed the city council in September, pleading for time and consideration. 

Oct. 11 has rolled around and the fears of many have been realized. Little is asking that anyone with lights to bring them for tonight as looters are likely to be out. If anyone has a way to help with outdoor lighting or with moving trucks, please call Little at 404-557-8860. She said there are children and people battling cancer and more still unable to find accommodation. She has been putting out live feeds on Facebook updating on the situation and asking for any assistance she can get on behalf of those who remain.

Propes said consideration to extending the deadline couldn’t be given due to the serious safety concerns with utility and road infrastructure throughout the park that render it a significant safety hazard to the general public including residents. He said, in addition, people had begun dismantling the mobile home parks for salvage while there were still live power connections to the MHP even up to this morning.

“Because of the existing and new safety concerns and in the interest of preserving life safety, a decision was made to not extend the utility disconnection deadline of October 11, 2019,” the statement read.



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