City of Monroe Police and Fire Departments issues Lip Sync Challenge

Hot on the heels of the very successful Running Man Challenge that garnered more than 50,000 Youtube views and made national news in 2016, the City of Monroe Police and Fire Department is now issuing another challenge to local departments in the cities of Loganville, Snellville, Social Circle and Winder – The Lip sync Battle Challenge of 2018.

So which departments will take up the challenge? Enjoy the Monroe Public Safety’s entry to Uptown Fund by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, courtesy of RCA 2014 with videography and editing credits to Dimitrios A. Kakavelakis, III.

You need to access the video and share it from Youtube. Let’s make this one go viral too!

Feel Free to share the YouTube link:

Disclaimer from Monroe PD: This is a A nonprofit, commercialized video production.
Tribute public relations video as a part of a national online police competition. No public tax dollars were used in the production of this video.

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