City of Monroe to vote on lower millage rate for city taxpayers

The City of Monroe is expected to approve the 2018 millage rate for the 2018 tax levy at 7.277 mills, .144 mills less than 2017. Officials note that since the 2018 tax digest from the County shows an increase of 1.98 percent if the millage rate was left the same, it would qualify as a tax increase due to the higher reassessments in the digest. Staff instead recommended that the city adopt the full rollback rate for 2018, which would still give the city a prospective 3.59 percent ($105,426 more than 2017) increase due to new growth in the digest. This will be voted on in the items requiring action at the end of the Called Meeting of the City Council tonight.

There is a full agenda for the City of Monroe’s Called Meeting tonight, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at Council Chambers, City Hall, N. Broad Street in Monroe. The voting session of the August City Council meeting is at the same time and place next week, Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018. The public is invited to attend both meetings. The full agenda follows.

  1. City Administrator Update
  2. Central Services Monthly Report & Updates
    1. Finance
      1. Monthly Finance Report
      2. City Hall Landscaping Rehabilitation Request
    2. Airport
      1. Airport Monthly Report & Update
      2. Airport East Apron Rehabilitation and Expansion Project
      3. Airport West Apron Reroute Request
    3. Public Works
      1. Monthly Solid Waste Report
      2. Monthly Streets & Transportation Report
      3. Transportation Alternatives Program Grant Application
    4. Utilities
  1. Monthly Electric & Telecom Report
  2. Monthly Water, Sewer, Gas, & Stormwater Report
  3. Secondary Telescoping Valves
  4. Primary Chain Clarifiers
  5. Automatic Gas Feed System
  6. MCImetro Pole Attachment Agreement
  7. Uniti Fiber Pole Attachment Agreement
  8. Purchase – VON Test Equipment
  9. Purchase – 3 Viper-ST Automated Switches
  1. Public Safety
    1. Monthly Fire Report
    2. Monthly Police Report
    3. Approval – Out of State Training
    4. Approval – Walton County School SRO Program Agreement
    5. Approval – Walton County School SRO Program Agreement for Foothills Charter
  2. Planning & Code

a. Monthly Code Report 7. Economic Development

a. Monthly Economic Development Report

    1. Public Hearing Variance – 615 East Church Street
    2. Public Hearing Variance – 125 North Wayne Street
    3. 1st Reading – Soil, Erosion, Sedimentation, & Pollution Control Ordinance Amendment
    4. Appointments (5) – Airport Commission
    1. Approval – 2018 Millage Rate
    2. R1A Moratorium 90-Day Extension
    3. Approval – Out of State Travel for Fire

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