City of Monroe Utilities offers Average Monthly Billing

The City of Monroe is offering average monthly billing to assist customers in being able to budget for their utility bill, no matter what the season. It even out the highs and lows of monthly utility payments!

The City of Monroe’s Average Monthly Payment (AMP) program is designed to help customers avoid unpredictable and fluctuating seasonal bills by leveling out payments over the year. This allows customers to better budget their monthly payments. This service is for residential customers and is a free service.


• Residential customer must request AMP

• Customer must have had a minimum of twelve (12) months of continuous utility service with the City of Monroe

• Balance should be current with no past due amounts owed• No non-payment cutoffs within the past twelve (12) months

• If removed from AMP for any reason, cannot be added back to AMP for twelve (12) months.

Monthly payment will change each month based on the average of the prior twelve (12) months of bills & will begin with the billing cycle after this agreement. If the account is eligible, extensions may be granted while on the AMP program. If services are cutoff for non-payment or for any reason while on the AMP program, the full balance will be due prior to reconnection and the account will be removed from the AMP program for twelve (12) months.

Fill out the form on the City of Monroe website at or contact the office at 770-267-3429 to see if your account is eligible for AMP.

Apply Here:

More information and FAQ sheet is available at this link.

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