Coffee Camper opens back up in original location as Elevate Outfitters complete build-out

The new front of the store of the Coffee Camper in downtown Monroe. Photo credit: The Coffee Camper Facebook page

Don’t panic, coffee is back at the Coffee Camper’s original home, albeit in a smaller space as Elevate Outfitters completes the build-out at the back of the store. Elevate Outfitters will be sharing the space with The Coffee Camper that had previously housed Revolutionaries Market, which moved out in January.

The Coffee Camper closed temporarily from Feb. 17 – 29 for renovations but was serving from Addison’s Wonderland Boutique around the corner. However, that had to be suspended for some special events and, in conjunction with the closing of the Cotton Café, for a couple of days, there was a specialty coffee shortage in downtown Monroe.

The good news is that is now over.

On Saturday, the Coffee Camper opened back up serving from the newly revealed front of the shop. The completed Coffee Camper / Elevate Outfitters joint location is expected to open fully on Saturday, March, 14. (The has been corrected from the initial date noted of March 2)

Elevate Outfitters is the latest addition coming to Downtown Monroe and will be located in the same suite as the Coffee Camper Co. Elevate Outfitters is a locally-owned outdoor shop providing outdoor adventure clothing and gear. Part of the build-out of the back of the store includes a bouldering wall. So once the location is completed, customers will be able to try their climbing skills when stopping in to purchase some outdoor gear and get their coffee fix and tasty sweet bites.

The Coffee Camper and Elevate Outfitters is located at 101 N Broad St. in downtown Monroe. To follow the progress, click or tap on the following Facebook links.

The Coffee Camper

Elevate Outfitters


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