Community Leader and ‘Heroes Hero’ Walton EMS director Ronnie Almand

Ronnie Almand, director of Walton County EMS. Photo credit: Walton Living Magazine, photographer -Mylinda Knittel, Spring Street Studios

Walton EMS director Ronnie Almand is tasked with making sure that the emergency medical services provided to Walton County residents is kept to an optimum, and by all accounts, he does just that. In fact, his reputation is so well entrenched that others in the community also tasked with the safety of the County’s residents say if their family members were ever in need of EMS services, he’s the man they’d want leading the response.

“I’ve known Ronnie since I first started working at the Monroe Fire Department 19 years ago. He’s a good friend, always having a calm demeanor and his knowledge of EMS and patient care is extensive. He’s the medic that if it was my family needing treatment I would know that they were getting the best treatment possible if he was there,” Monroe Fire Chief Bill Owens told Walton Living Magazine for Melanie Ann Jackson’s story in the Spring Summer issue of Walton Living Magazine. “Ronnie’s humble demeanor and strong faith make him one of the most well-respected members of the public safety community.”

“I started out as a first responder in Walnut Grove. Ronnie helped teach my Medical First Responder class. I went on to become an EMT and I worked countless scene calls with him, I was his regular partner for many years,” Marty Billings, Director of Clinical Services for Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service said. “We nicknamed ourselves the ‘A-Team.’  Speaking personally and professionally, he was always (regardless of the situation) the calm one in the room. He made a methodical assessment and provided compassionate care to all his patients.”

Named a Heroes Hero, Ronnie Almand is the Community Leader featured in this issue of Walton Living Magazine. Read the full story written by Melanie Ann Jackson here, or pick up a copy of the magazine at one of the city halls, libraries, Walton County Chamber of Commerce, Monroe Museum, Monroe Walton Art Center and many of the businesses around town.


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