Company seeks nuisance wildlife technician in Walton County

Nuisance wildlife control company is seeking a full-time wildlife technician in Walton County. Experience preferred. Working off of ladders up to 40 feet high everyday with a drill. Must not be scared of squirrels bats and rats and snakes or grossed out easily. Also must be willing to crawl through very tight spaces. This means you must be physically fit for this job. Must have transportation.

Salary: $500- $800 weekly pay to start depending on how busy we are. This must be a very determined person and very sociable with customers.

Monday through Friday 8-5 roughly. You will receive some training before being left alone on the job. Interviews will be conducted for the top candidates starting next week.

Candidate must be Drug Free and willing to be tested. Call or text Jay if interested but please read above and agree to all of that before calling 404.617.6773

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