COVID-19: Georgia Tech lets you take a look at the risk assessment in your state or county

Georgia 26; Gwinnett 1; Walton

The map below is an interactive tool to assess the risk level of attending an event. The risk percentage given is that at least one person attending the event would be COVID-19 positive – given the event size and location. The worldwide risk assessment map is a product of the bioscience division of Georgia Tech. According to the map, in Walton County, your risk goes from 10 % for an event with 10 people present, to 99 % for an event with 5,000 people present. Gwinnett it is 11 % risk with 10 people present up to 99% in an event of 5,000 or more. It does note, however, that “you can reduce the risk that one case becomes many by wearing a mask, distancing, and gathering outdoors in smaller groups.

Based on seroprevalence data and increases in testing, by default we assume there are five times more cases than are being reported (5:1 ascertainment bias). In places with less testing availability, that bias may be higher. We are evaluating the inclusion of lower ascertainment biases based on increased testing.

Choose an event size and ascertainment the risk below. This is a worldwide interactive map. Click on the relevant state and county.

The following is a snapshot of the statistics reported by the Georgia Department of Public Health at 3 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 20, 2020. Gwinnett County is reporting one more death, Walton County is reporting no more deaths and Georgia is reporting 26 more death in the past 24 hours. 

Walton County

Cases – 2,646 – 17 reported in the past 24 hours – 203 in the past 2 weeks .
Cases per 100,000 – 2,762 cumulative (212 per 100,000 in past 2 weeks)
Total deaths – 75 – that’s 0 more deaths reported over the past 24 hours (deaths per 100,000 is 78.3)
Testing 9.4 % positive in the past 2 weeks, overall 9.7 % 

Gwinnett County

Cases – 34,634 – that’s 234 reported over the past 24 hours (2,679 in the past 2 weeks).
Cases per 100,000 – 3,566 cumulative (276 per 100,000 in past 2 weeks)
Total deaths – 479 – That’s 1 more death reported in the past 24 hours (49.3 deaths per 100,000 reported)
Testing – 8.8 % positive in the past 2 weeks, overall 9.5 %


Confirmed cases – 399,410 – that is 2,880 more cases reported in the past 24 hours 
ICU admissions – 6,340 – 13 more admission reports in the past 24 hours Hospitalizations – 33,897 – That’s 119 more hospitalizations reported in the past 24 hours, 
Total deaths – 8,591 – That is 26 more death reported in the past 24 hours

A total of 4,043,126 viral tests have been performed and 351,953 antibody tests. That is 32,45 viral test results reported in the last 24 hours. Of the viral tests performed collectively, 373,623 (9.2 %) have come back positive and 33,719 (9.6%) antibody tests have come back positive. Today 2,522 (7.8 %) viral tests came back positive.

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