COVID-19: LCA Upper School on distance learning, Lower School to finish up Dec. 11

press release from Loganville Christian Academy

Loganville Christian Academy’s Upper School students returned to distance learning Wednesday and will wrap up with finals next week. The Lower School students finish up today, Friday, Dec. 11, for the semester and will not return to studies until next year. Initially, the final day before the Christmas break was scheduled to be Dec. 17. They also will begin the first week of the new school year distance learning.

In a press release, LCA noted that this is due to the fact that the school currently has four active COVID-19 cases (one staff member and three upper school students) with multiple primary and secondary contacts. Officials note that the Lower School isn’t seeing the same impact from illness so the decision was made to keep them on campus this week and make Friday the last day for the semester.

“While our actual COVID numbers are low, we are seeing an increase in the number of students with various symptoms that could or could not be COVID related,” said Administrator Rachel Ernst. “Our desire has been and continues to be to keep our staff, students, and families safe and healthy. This is even more important as we head into the Christmas season.”

LCA has also made the proactive decision to have the first week back in January be a Distance Learning week for all students. This will allow time for families to ensure that students are healthy, hopefully leading to smooth start for on campus learning on January 11. All families will still have the option to choose between on campus and distance learning for second semester.

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