COVID-19: Monroe nursing home is reporting more cases, 6 deaths

The Georgia Department of Public Safety has reported its statistics on COVID-19 cases in Georgia for May 18, 2020 and Park Place Nursing Home in Monroe has confirmed that it now has lost six of its residents who have passed away with COVID-19. However, some of the residents it has lost were actually hospice patients who were already on an end-of-life path.

“Some were on hospice care and already had so much going on and were in the end-of-life process when the COVID hit. It is heartbreaking and a tragedy for every family and I wish we could wave a wand and stop it,” said the nursing home administrator, Ken Murray, Jr. “It is really sad what it is going here at Park Place, but we’re holding on. ”

The Murray family owns both Park Place Nursing Home, as well as Great Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care, which is administered by Murray’s sister, Melinda Dally.

“My Daddy (Ken Murray, Sr.) started these and we’ve been working here for over 40 years and never seen anything like this. It is always heartbreaking when somebody dies,” Murray said.

He explained that the difference between Great Oaks, which has so far seen no cases of COVID-19, and Park Place is that Great Oaks is an assisted living facility whereas Park Place is a nursing and rehabilitation facility.

“We are a skilled nursing facility and most of the time we deal with people who already have some health issues going on,” Murray said.

On March 14, both facilities stopped allow visitors. Park Place began isolating patients who tested positive in a separate unit and followed all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

At Park Place, patients who have not tested positive for COVID-19 are separated from the infected patients and the infected patients have their own nurses. The 146 resident facility has had 45 residents who have tested positive with 40 remaining active. The results are cumulative. One is considered recovered at this time and six of the residents who have tested positive have passed away. There also are seven staff members who have tested positive and one staff member who is now considered recovered. At this time, 34 of the staff members and 84 of the current residents have tested negative.

Murray said while the situation is heartbreaking, they are comforted by the number of people who are praying for them.

On Friday, May 15, the Pearl at Loganville, the memory care building at the Retreat at Loganville, was reporting four people who had died with COVID-19 and 13 residents who had tested positive. The Retreat at Loganville senior living building continues to report it only has had one positive case.




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