COVID-19: Monroe nursing home continues to struggle with the disease

Park Place Nursing Home and Rehab in Monroe reported the loss of three more residents over the weekend. The Georgia Department of Public Health report of senior living facilities and nursing homes on Monday, June 1, 2020, notes that Park Place has lost 15 residents and has 85 residents who have tested positive (results are cumulative) and 30 staff members.

The other two assisted living facilities in Walton County that have reported cases have no change at this time. The Pearl Memory Care Center at the Retreat in Loganville continues to report a cumulative total of 13 residents and four deaths to COVID-19 and the Retreat at Loganville reports one resident.

At 7 p.m. on Monday, May 31, Walton County reported a total of 12 deaths with 265 cases of COVID-19. There are no changes reported since Saturday. COVID-19 information in this report is a snapshot of the situation at this time. These results are cumulative. Please note: These figures do not match up when compared to the 19 deaths reported by local nursing homes. It is likely that some of the people who passed away in nursing homes are Walton County residents and are therefore included in the 12 deaths reported in Walton County. However, it is also possible others were residents of other counties.

Walton County

Cases – 265
Cases per 100,000 – 276.6
Total deaths – 12
Hospitalized – 46

Walton County Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities (cumulative) *

Park Place, Monroe – 85 confirmed resident cases, 30 confirmed staff cases, 15 deaths reported
The Retreat at Loganville Pearl Memory Care Building – 13 confirmed resident cases, four deaths
The Retreat at Loganville: one confirmed resident case, no staff cases, no deaths.

Gwinnett County

Cases – 3,870 – that’s 90 new cases reported in the past 24 hours
Cases per 100,000 – 398.5
Total deaths – 132 128 – that’s four more deaths reported in the past 24 hours
Hospitalized – 665  – That is 42 more hospitalizations reported in the last 24 hours


Confirmed cases – 47,063 – that is 836 more cases reported in the last 24 hours
ICU admissions –1,818 – that’s 23 more reported in the past 24 hours
Hospitalizations –8,302 – That’s 352 more hospitalizations reported in the past 24 hours
Total deaths – 2,089 – That is 36 more deaths reported in the last 24 hours.
Total tests – 562,815  – That’s 8,829 more tests in the last 24 hours. These tests include 91,184 serology (antibody) tests reported to the DPH.


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