COVID-19: Walton County cases jump to 32: Georgia reports 412 deaths

Georgia Death toll is at 412 : Cases 10,885 with 2,298 hospitalized

At 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 9, 2020, Georgia was reporting 412 deaths with 10,885 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 2,1298 of them hospitalized. Five of those extra cases were from Walton County, which is now reporting 32 active cases. The Georgia Department of Health is still reporting the two deaths in Walton County as a result of COVID-19, both males in their 70s with unknown underlying cases. Gwinnett County is reporting 613 cases with 17 deaths so far from COVID-19.

Just a couple of days ago, if we are not able to flatten the curve Georgia was projected to peak on April 24 with 96 deaths a day due to COVID-19. With the increase of cases and deaths, Georgia is now projected to peak on April 21 at 87 deaths a day. The state has managed to make up hospital beds and is no longer recording a shortage of those, but it is still short on ICU beds and ventilators if we stay on this current trajectory. At this time, Georgia is projected to lose 2,630 people to COVID-19 by Aug. 4. You can keep up with it by taping on this link each day and turning to Georgia for the update.

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