Crossover Day Scorecard: Conservative wins on tax cuts, public safety

press release from Georgia House Republican Caucus

House Republicans work to lower costs, strengthen public safety, and invest in education, healthcare, and transportation

From the start of the 2024 session through Crossover Day, House Republicans have passed legislation that cuts taxes, keeps communities safe, invests in education and expands access to healthcare.

“We’ve gone to work this year thinking of Georgians back home who still feel squeezed by high prices and are worried about public safety at home and in schools,” said Chairman Bruce Williamson (Monroe), the Republican Caucus chairman. “We’re focused on the issues that families discuss at the kitchen table, and as a result, we’re putting more money in the family budget with income and property tax cuts, investing in education with teacher pay raises, fully funding schools and new resource officers, keeping communities safe with more police officers and expanding access to healthcare across the state. While the Biden administration’s failures continue to make life harder for Americans, House Republicans are standing in the breech to protect Georgia families with conservative leadership.”

The amended budget signed into law this week increases pay for state workers, including teachers and police, adds $100 million to support rural economic development, invests $1.5 billion toward transportation needs and also funds crucial water and sewer projects.

Leading on public safety, House Republicans have passed legislation that will allow the prosecutor oversight commission to begin its work and on Crossover Day passed a bill that will penalize local law enforcement if it doesn’t inform federal immigration authorities when illegal immigrants are arrested.

House Republicans expanded access to healthcare by reforming regulations to make it easier to open a new hospital in rural Georgia and also increased the value of the tax credit for donations to at-risk hospitals.

Public schools are once again fully funded, and House Republicans added resources to Pre-K to improve instructor pay and increase the number of slots available to students. Each school was provided $45,000 in extra funding to add resource officers to keep students safe.

With twelve remaining days in Session, House Republicans will continue to advance common-sense policies that put everyday Georgians at the center of their legislative agenda.

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