Dally out Keener in as Social Circle gets a new mayor

Former Councilman David Keener who resigned to challenge Hal Dally for mayor of Social Circle was successful in his bid. He will be the new mayor in 2020.

In City Council seats, District 4 incumber Councilman Steve Shelton was able to avoid a runoff and Councilman Tyson Jackson returns unchallenged.

In the School Board races, it was not a good night for incumbents. In District 1, incumbent Tonia Lumpkin is out and Michael Atlee O’Conor, Jr. is in and in District 3, incumbent Patrick Dally is out and Stephen Trantham is in.

The following are the unofficial election results.


Hal W. Dally (i)             418            41.63 %

David L. Keener            586           58.37 %

District 2

Tyson Jackson (i)

District 4

Joseph Steve Shelton (i).    64.93 %

John J. Perpall, IV               8.39 %

Ann M. Overbeck.                26.93 %

School Board District 1

Tonia Lumpkin (i)                       106.   47.75%

Michael Atlee O’Conor, Jr.        116.    52.25 %

School Board District 3

Patrick Dally (i).                  143.         39.61 %

Stephen Lee Trantham      218.         60.39 %


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