Dates for primaries set for Walton, state of Georgia in 2024

by chris bridges - the walton tribune

Presidential primary up first Georgians to vote in Democratic, GOP primaries Tuesday, March 12

Walton County voters will have multiple opportunities to go to the polls this year.

Everything starts with the 2024 presidential primary which is set for Tuesday, March 12, in Georgia. There will be Democratic and Republican presidential primaries.

Walton County Director of Elections Jenni Phipps said 60 voters had requested an absentee ballots as of Thursday. Some Georgians have pushed for an earlier date for the state’s presidential primary. The date is chosen by the Georgia’s Secretary of State.

A total of 11 candidates will be on the Georgia Republican presidential ballot although several have already officially dropped out of the race.

Ballots have to be prepared well in advance of the election so it is not unusual to have some names still listed even when they are no longer in the race. There will also be three candidates on the state Democratic presidential primary ballot. The first presidential contest was held last week in Iowa as Donald Trump easily won the GOP caucus. He also won the primary in New Hampshire Tuesday at both Republicans and Democrats will hold primaries.

The general primary for Georgia will be May 21.

This will be when Walton County voters make primary choices for offices such as sheriff and county chairman. The runoff for the May 21 primary will be June 18.

The 2024 general election for Georgia is Nov. 5 with the runoff set for Dec. 3.

All voting dates will be preceded by early voting. Voters are still able to request absentee ballots for all elections.

Several candidates have already declared they are running for Walton Count sheriff in 2024 after the announcement that long-time incumbent Joe Chapman will not seek another term. Walton County chairman David Thompson also has announced competition in his first re-election bid.

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