Home!!!Desperate plea for lost Dog Lawrenceville

From Sasuke’s daddy : So i have the most amazing news!! Sasuke is Home!!! This is the absolute best Birthday present ever!! When i saw him he immediately recognized me and ran right over. I broke down and cried tears of joy while cradling him in my arms. Unfortunately Sasuke is hurt. It looks like one of his legs is completely broken and he has some lacerations on his side. At least he’s home with me who will do everything i can to help him recover and heal. I will be taking him to the emergency vet in the morning. For now he is resting by my feet. I’m truly blessed that my boy is home where he belongs.

Here it is almost 5:00 am and I just got home From Blue Pearl and could not be happier…Sasuke has a broken leg..but he is going to be okay…Thank you Lord for all the people that have been Praying for a safe return of this precious baby…


I’m literally driving around aimlessly in the dark just calling out Sasuke. I’m utterly heartbroken right now. My best friend in the whole world is missing. I have absolutely failed you as an owner. I’m so sorry 😭 you have always been there for me during my darkest times. Plz somehow find your way back home to me 🙏🏼

Sasuke (Sauce-k)

Labrador mix

Light yellow coat

Male neutered

8 yo 60 lbs

Black leather studded collar

Missing since 12pm 3/23

Last seen: Lawrenceville near Arnold Rd and Hwy 29

My number 404-966-6672

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