Despite injury, LHS student maintains world ranking in Karate

It was a good year for Duncan Lowry, the Loganville High School student who has made karate his passion, but a back injury did sideline him a little, keeping him from competing in a couple of tournaments. However, that didn’t keep the 17-year-old out of the world rankings at the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA), where he still managed to finish 3rd in the world for Boys Black Belt 16-17 years old .

Duncan Lowry, of Loganville, placed 3rd in the World in Black Belt 16 – 17 year olds. Contributed photo

“We got the NASKA year end reports in and Duncan placed 3rd in the world in his division, even after missing several tournaments this year because of a back injury,” said his mother, Candy Lowry.”We had no idea.”

Duncan, who took up karate about seven years ago, managed to be one of the 1 percent who make it to the level of black belt. As a member of Patriot Karate in Loganville, Duncan is also one of the top instructors for younger members who may want to follow in his footsteps. In a story on Loganville Local News in 2015 featuring Duncan, he told Robbie Schwartz that at 15 he was competing in three different karate circuits – the International Karate Circuit, the All Star Karate League and NASKA, where at that time he was ranked No. 10 in the world. His hopes at that time were to win a world championship and then go on to open his own school after collage. He still has those same aspirations and hopes this year will help get him there.

“The North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) hosts 15 tournaments throughout the year, with points earned at each tournament. The World Champion is crowned based on those points. But, the US OPEN in Orlando in July is sanctioned By ISKA as their World Championship and I will be competing for that as well,” he said.

Duncan and his family are going to Chicago next week for the 2017 awards banquet where he will be honored for finishing in the World Top Ten. Duncan will also compete while there for the American Karate Association Warrior Cup.

“I want to compete for and win a world championship and I truly believe 2018 is going to be my year. I am still working through a back injury I suffered in 2017, but mentally and physically I feel stronger than ever,” he said. “I have set high goals for myself and I will keep working until I am World Champion. The level of completion this year will be higher than ever but that pushes me to work hard and practice even more.”

Contributed photo

Duncan attributes much of his success to having had some great teachers along the way.

“Especially Mr. Edmond Brown and Mr. Drew Sawyer at Patriot Karate who gave me my start and brought me up through the belt ranks to where I am now. I am also very lucky to have multiple time world champions as my coaches on my competition team, Competitive Edge,” Duncan said. “I have been watching these guys since I started competing and to now have them not only as coaches but friends has really been inspiring.”
Duncan Lowry. Contributed photo

And the plan to have his own school in the future, well that hasn’t changed either.

“I still plan to have my own school eventually because I love the martial arts and enjoy passing it on to younger kids and seeing them learn discipline and self-defense,” he said.
A senior at LHS this year, Duncan still has another semester of high school and hopes to continue his education when he graduates while teaching karate at the same time. And after opening his own school – well he has plans for after that too.
“I have been able to make a lot of contacts in the martial arts business from all over the world and I believe this will help me when the time comes for my own school. I would also like to study martial arts abroad at some point and possibly transition into MMA fighting later down the road,” he said.

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