Does any of this money belong to you?

Walton EMC is looking to locate customers who discontinued service and did not get their refund checks fro the company. Walton EMC officials said they mailed the refunded deposits and or membership fees, but had them returned by the post office undelivered. If you know someone on this list, let them know they can contact Walton EMC at 770-266-2519 in connection with these funds.

Abbott, Kimberly
Austin, Allen D.
Banks, Jack
Beckley, Shellie
Bell, Michael R.
Boost Mobile
Bowen, Jehl
Brandwine Homes GA LLC
Bridge Lease LLC
Carmichael, David M.
Castle Atlanta Holding LP
Chapeau, Dawn M.
Charles, Jean
Christ’s Messengers
Coward, Shawnetta
Dupree, Gary L.
Elston, Davina
F9 Properties
Gray, Michelle
Gutierrez, Nubis V.
Hendrix, Michelle M.
Hernandez, Prisciliano
Heyward, Rhonda J.
Hunt, John C.
Johnson, Precious
Jones, W.J.
Kellogg, Thomas C.
Lacy, Shamekia
Lagarde, Sarah
Lawrence, Jimmy
Maghsoudi, Farhad
Martinez, Norberto A.
Misin, Dennis
Molyneaux, Liston
Moubray, Jordan
Panosky, Ricardo
Phillips, Napoleon
Smith, Johathan L.
Smith, Doris L.
Smith, J.S.
Snellville Transmissions, Inc.
Solomon, Lottie A.
Sosa, Lilia G.
Stringer, Donna
Taylor, Damon
Trotter, Ronnie T.
Watson, Mark N.
Willmont, Andrew
Yes Companies Exp., LLC

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