Doug Blevins Alfa Agency in Loganville gives out more Kindness Awards

The Doug Blevins Afa Insurance Agency in Loganville handed out two more Kindness Award of the Month to local businesses recently.

Last month’s award went to Bella Fiora and the most recent award went to the Prince Group.

From Left, Susan Prince, Doug Blevins and Kasey Prince. Contributed photo
Pictured from left to right Jennifer Sewell, Doug Blevins and Marla People’s. Contributed photo

About The Kindness Revolution™

Founded over 11 years ago, The Kindness Revolution™ is a non-profit cause/marketing initiative with a mission of raising the awareness of values, such as kindness, in leadership, customer service, schools, and communities. Its Kindness Campaigns are active in hundreds of cities across the US.

Being one of the longest running national initiatives based on kindness, the growth of The Kindness Revolution™ is primarily a result of its collaboration with leading local businesses to promote the importance of kindness in their communities.

From distributing “Pay It Forward” wrist bands to local consumers to recognizing exemplary behavior of students at school levels, the philosophy of kindness is incorporated at all ages. “Spirit of Kindness Awards” are presented to teachers, employees, and volunteers who comply with the ideologies, appreciating their work and promoting their behavior for others to view them as inspiration. The Kindness Revolution™ reaches well over a million people monthly through social media as it spreads its message of kindness around the world.

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