Eight qualify to run for the 3 seats up for grabs on the Loganville City Council

There will be a lot of campaigning going on in Loganville between now and Nov. 7, 2023.

There have been years in the past in Loganville when almost everybody who signed up to run made it onto the city council because there just wasn’t that much opposition.

That is definitely not the case this year.

When qualifying closed at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, eight citizens had qualified to run for the three seats up for grabs on the Loganville City Council. Only one of the qualifiers, Councilman Bill DuVall, is running for re-election to hold onto his current seat. Both Councilwoman Linda Dodd and Councilman Jay Boland announced they would not be seeking another term.

“For the better part of 10 years now, it has been my pleasure to serve as a member of the Loganville City Council. From the beginning, I have always thought of myself, never as a politician, but as someone who was doing this for the betterment of the city that I am raising my family in. Over the years I have learned a lot, gotten to know a lot of residents, had the pleasure of serving with a great group of council members and mayors, and hope that I have had a positive impact on the City of Loganville. As qualifying approached, I was on the fence about whether or not to seek another term on the Loganville City Council. While I know there are a lot of challenges that face Loganville today, I think it is time for me to step aside and let new blood take over the reins and lead this great City into the next chapter of its storied history,” Boland said, going on to thank his wife and children for their support over the years, and adding, “To my friends and supporters, I offer my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done to support me over the years. There are a lot of things I will miss about being a councilman for the City of Loganville, and a few things I will not miss. But one of the things that I will miss most is working with the dedicated employees who keep our city running. They are the ones who work every day to try and make sure Loganville continues to be a great place to call home.” 

Boland said although he will no longer be a councilman after this term, he will continue to do whatever he can to support the city and some of the great things that are taking place.

“It has been a pleasure to serve the citizens of Loganville, and I look forward to the continued evolution of our great city,” Boland said.

Former councilwoman Lisa Newberry, who chose not to run last time her term was up due to personal reasons, has qualified and will be one of the eight on the ballot in November.

Those who qualified are:

  • Keith Colquitt – Code enforcement manager
  • Spring Hoffman Crowder – Graphic designer / hospitality
  • Bill DuVall – Engineer
  • Lisa Newberry – Account manager
  • Adam Shanks – Biomedical engineering
  • Cathy Swanson – Retired
  • Bill Williams – Traffic safety professional
  • Patti Wolfe – Retired

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