Election Day finally arrives Tuesday – what you need to know if you haven’t yet voted

After a pandemic delay and two stints of early voting, the 2020 Presidential Primary, General Primary and Non-Partisan Election Day finally arrive Tuesday.

From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, June 9, the Georgia Presidential Primary, General Primary and the Non-Partisan Elections will take place at your regular voting precinct. There are two new voting precincts, according to Walton County’s election director Jenni Phipps.

These are:

  • Gratis precinct – Center Hill Baptist Church on Gratis Road
  • West Monroe Precinct – new Newsong Church on Camp Lake Road in Monroe

If you did not early or vote by mail, you can check on your voting precinct at this link on the Secretary of State’s website. You will need to put in your address and it will give you the correct location. Phipps said you also can call the office at 770-267-1337 and they will give you the correct location for you to vote in person on Election Day.

Phipps said on Monday morning Walton County residents had cast a total of 12,806 ballots, 2,176 in-person early voting and 10,153 ballots mailed in. According to the secretary of State’s website, last week – with a week to go – Georgia voters have already cast 1,033,585 ballots. Of those, 810,024 were absentee by mail ballots or nearly 80% of the ballots cast at that time and more than 20 times the 37,000 who voted by mail in 2016. In addition, 223,561 had cast their early ballots in person.

Absentee ballots must be received by a county elections office no later than 7 pm on Tuesday, June 9, in order to be counted. Below are sample ballots of what you can expect to see when you enter your card in the voting machine. New this time, you will get a printout of the votes you selected and will be able to check that your wishes have been correctly recorded before returning your ballot through an automatic feed.

Click or tap on the links below to preview copies of sample ballots.

There also will be questions on the ballot, different ones depending on whether you requested a Republican or Democratic ballot.

Questions on the Republican Ballot

  1. Should Georgia lawmakers expand educations options by allowing a student’s state education dollars to follow to the school that best fits their needs, whether that is public, private, magnet, charter, virtual or homeschool?
  2. Should voting in the Republican Primary be limited to voters who have registered as Republicans?
  3. Should candidates for the board of education be required to declare their political party?

Questions on the Democratic Ballot

  1. Should Georgians work to stop climate change and listen to the scientific community, which recommends immediate action to combat this serious threat to our planet?
  2. Should Georgia enact basic standards to protect our environment from wasteful plastic items that pollute our state?
  3. Should every eligible Georgian be allowed to register to vote on Election Day to make sure everyone can exercise their right to vote?
  4. Should Georgia take partisanship out of the redistricting process and have an independent commission draw distinct lines instead of politicians?
  5. Should our criminal justice system end the discriminatory cash bail system that allows the wealthy to buy their way out of jail while disadvantaging lower-income Georgians?
  6. Should every Georgia that has served their sentence for a crime be allowed to have their voting rights restored?
  7. Should Georgia amend the state Constitution to legalize the use of cannabis/marijuana for those 21 years old and older, allow a retail dispensary base, tax said product, and allocate revenue received equally to state education and transportation infrastructure?
  8. Should citizens convicted of a crime and served their time in prison and are now on parole/probation have their right to vote restored?
  9. Should Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients be granted a path to citizenship?

Although the sample ballots show the presidential candidates’ names, if you have already voted you will not be able to vote in that particular race again. However, this is largely symbolic as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are already the presumptive Republican and Democratic nominees respectively.

In addition, you will see two names on the ballot for the Alcovy Judicial Circuit District Attorney – Layla Zon and Randy McGinley. This Primary is also not relevant anymore as last week Zon was sworn in as the newly-appointed Superior Court Judge and McGinley was sworn in as Acting District Attorney to replace her.

The Walton County Chamber of Commerce hosted three virtual forums to give Walton County voters the opportunity to hear from most of the candidates facing an opponent in this election. Click or tap on the video below to listen to the candidates facing a primary opponent and who participated.

A similar forum was hosted by the Walton County Chamber of Commerce to give Walton County voters the opportunity to hear from candidates facing a challenge in the district attorney and sheriff’s race as well as the non-partisan judge’s race. Click or tap on the video below to hear from the candidates.

The third virtual forum was for the municipal elections which are taking place at the same time: These were as follows:City of Between – Mayor
City of Good Hope – 2 Open Council Seats
City of Social Circle – District 3
City of Walnut Grove – Council Member at Large

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