Elle’s story … to be continued

After searching countless hours and hundreds of calls . We learned Harold Turnbull passed away in February. And his wife Barbara now Has Alzheimers. Family has reached out to us . No matter if Elle stays where she is or if some family chooses to care for Elle , she will be loved and taken care of medically in for the remainder of her time on Earth.

Elle was found in Loganville and is currently being treated for a few medical issues such as Anemia and Eye ulcers . She is estimated to be about 12- 15 years old. We are trying to plan a day to bring her to see Barbara at the Facility In which she now resides. I know from personal experience and even when you can’t remember the people around you and where you are sometimes your loving pet can being back incredible memories.

We will share is the story unfolds including if we are blessed enough to bring Elle to see her .. so stay tuned.

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