Emergency Preparation: Amateur radio Field Day

From the Walton Tribune

Walton County Repeater Vice President Eric Worly (seated left) is with Don Guess. Standing is Mike Califf, group secretary and treasurer – photo credit Deborah Stewart, Special to the Walton Tribune.

Local amateur radio operators participated in the national Field Day Event, during the weekend of June 22-23.

The event was held at Good Hope Park at 2077 Nunnally Shoals Road in Good Hope.

“Amateur radio operators provide a critical public service for our community,” said Mike Califf, secretary-treasure of the Walton County Repeater Group. “During times of disaster, we are able to provide reliable communications when the normal infrastructure is offline. Licensed by the Federal Communications Commission and trained in the art and science of radio communication and basic electronics theory, we own and maintain our own communications equipment and are prohibited by federal law from receiving payment for our services. ARRL, our national organization, has built relationships with several served agencies including FEMA, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and many others.”

This public service is easily extended during non‐emergency civic events, such as parades, marathons, and street festivals. Field Day is a chance to show the science, service, and skill we can offer to our community free of charge, said Califf, who is also the emergency coordinator for the Walton County Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

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