‘End the Cycle’ animal advocates to address Monroe City Council Tuesday

End the Cycle animal advocates will have another presentation at this week’s Monroe City Council meeting. The organization is on a mission to get local cities and the county to change local laws to prevent backyard breeding and the chaining of dogs outside. Last year the addressed the Walton County Board of Commissioners as well as the City of Monroe, but at this time there have not been any recent changes to city or county ordinances on this issue.

The City of Monroe will have it’s January 2020 City Council meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, at City Hall on N. Broad Street in Monroe. The public is invited to attend. The full agenda follows.

1.      Invocation

2.      Roll Call

3.      Approval of Agenda

4.      Approval of Consent Agenda

a.      December 3, 2019, Council Minutes

b.      December 10, 2019, Council Minutes

c.       November 14, 2019, Downtown Development Authority Minutes

d.      December 12, 2019, Downtown Development Authority Minutes

e.       November 14, 2019 Conventions and Visitors Bureau Minutes

f.        December 12, 2019 Conventions and Visitors Bureau Minutes

g.      GMEBS Restated Defined Benefit Retirement Plan Amendments and Updates – Approval of amendments as presented. (Recommended for Council approval by Finance Committee January 7, 2020)

h.      Runway Rehabilitation Design – Approval of services by GMC Networks. (Recommended for Council approval by Airport Committee January 7, 2020)

i.        Approval – GEMA Generator Grant Application – To proceed with an application to purchase four emergency power generators. (Recommended for Council approval by Utilities Committee January 7, 2020)

j.        2020 NextSite Funding – Approval of contract funding for retail marketing services. (Recommended for Council approval by Downtown Development Authority January 7, 2020)

k.      Request for Termination of Portions of 2003 IGA of Park Properties with Walton County – To approve the termination request. (Recommended for Council approval by Parks Committee January 7, 2020)


1.      Ending the Cycle


1.      Public Comments


1.      Application – Spirituous Liquors and Beer & Wine On-Premise Consumption – Lindsey-Garrett Post No. 64 of the American Legion

2.      Application – Beer &Wine On-Premise Consumption- Addison’s Wonderland

3.      Application – Beer & Wine Package Sales – The Market

4.      Application – Beer & Wine Package Sales – Quic Pic Food Mart

5.      Resolution – Open Records Officer

6.      2nd Reading – Fire Protection and Prevention Ordinance Amendment

7.      Plaza Renovation Bid Proposal – Police / Municipal Court Complex

8.      Approval – Out of State Travel for Police

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