Error on gas price sign raises concerns in Monroe

Error on a gas sign at the Chevron in Monroe had social media in an uproar on Sept. 6, 2017. The actual price was supposed to read $2.72. Contributed photo

A gas price sign in front of the Chevron at 1309 S. Broad St. in Monroe had people in an uproar Wednesday as a photo of the $5.72 price hit social media. However, a quick phone call verified that it was just an unfortunate error and the price was the one found on that read $2.72. The sign had been corrected by that time, but with fears of price gouging, it was not a good time to make that mistake.

While it is not anywhere near that bad, in reality the price has gone up since Hurricane Harvey hit and, according to an article in the Sun Sentinel, Hurricane Irma is not going to help the situation. Motorists can expect the prices to continue the upward trend by another 5 to 10 cents before they begin to come down again. On Aug. 25, in the lead up to Hurricane Harvey, the lowest price was $2.12 and $2.19 in Monroe and Loganville respectively. On Sept. 6, in the lead up to Hurricane Irma, the lowest gas price in Monroe, according to was $2.69 and in Loganville it was $2.65.

There are not lines at gas stations yet, but if the hurricane ends up hugging the Florida, Georgia and South Carolina coast, the experts say gas lines could form for a day or two. Now may be a good time to fill up.




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