ETC Animal Advocates to hold a pet food pantry in Monroe on Sunday, July 9

ETC (End the Cycle) Georgia’s is holding a pet food pantry in Monroe on Sunday to help those animal lovers who need a little help taking the best care they can of their beloved pets. The are inviting people who need the help to please come to the food pantry on , but to please come only if you need the help!! If you can purchase it on your own, the ask that you leave it for those who need it more than you.

The pantry will be open on July 9th from 9-10 am at 400 Mayfield Drive, Silo Self Storage in Monroe. Watch for updates if the weather looks bad at that time.

Click or tap on the Youtube video below from Darrell Everidge of Darrell Productions to find out more about ETC of Georgia and their Pet Food Pantry in Monroe.

The pantry is operated once a month. You can find out what day it will be open each month by checking on the Facebook page at this link. They ask that on pickup day, you stay in your car outside the gate. Members or volunteers will come to your car to find out what you need. They are not allowed to have everyone come right to the storage unit. ETC Georgia is grateful to have a climate controlled storage unit at Silo Self Storage in Monroe where the food can be kept safe and fresh.

If anybody is in a position to donate, please email them at in order to arrange drop off or pick up of the donated items. Atlanta Humane Society is also providing quarterly donations with items for local pet owners in need.

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