Ever asked yourself, Really, Is it News?

With so much negative news going on lately, it’s almost impossible to tune out and take a break. It’s on the television, it’s on the radio, it’s live streaming from your computer, phone or every other mobile device you have.
So why even try? Why not rather find some lighthearted news that is more likely to raise a laugh than one of the other more negative emotions generated by most of today’s news. Local DJ and sometime radio announcer Doug Adams has found a way to give you that opportunity. With the help of Lux Productions in Loganville, he’s launched a Youtube show billed, “Is it News?”
“We take funny news stories from around the world that you’re not likely to hear on the radio or on the local television news channel, and then we discuss it,” Adams said. “It’s just ad-libbed. We sort of bounce the discussion off each other.”
Adams initially started with a partner but is now on his own with a guest every week. The show had its official launch party last month and the shows are taped in front of a live audience. You can click or tap on this link to Like the Facebook page and see how to get yourself invited to be a guest.
“We started on the radio and then did it on Facebook live and now we’re doing it on Youtube,” Adams. “We find stories that are kind of offbeat – like one was a dog in Kansas that was running for governor.”
The discussion on the latest show – China is apparently having a problem with strippers showing up and disrupting funerals. Strippers, you may ask, but what better way to guarantee that all the long-lost relatives show up to pay their last respects. Another offbeat news story that Adams and a guest took up for discussion last week, the problem Norway has with college students having sex in the roundabout. Apparently, much concentration is required when negotiating a traffic roundabout, and I’m sure there are people here who will agree, that being distracted by people having sex in the roundabout is dangerous – well so says Norway’s Minister of Transporation.
These are the kinds of topics that Adams and a guest will be discussing on a weekly basis. Each show is released at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday. Click or tap on this link to subscribe to the Youtube Channel so you too will have an opportunity to ask yourself, “Is it News?”

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