Family receives the Spirit of Thanksgiving… from Monroe PD

A family that just recently moved to Monroe got a special Thanksgiving blessing this year, courtesy of officers from the Monroe Police Department.

Officers from the night shift responded to a call last Thursday night regarding a dispute between a couple. According to Sgt. Joshua Reynolds with MPD, it didn’t take long for them to realize the dispute was the result of some financial difficulties that the couple was going through. The family had recently moved to the city and the father had lost his job as a mechanic, making it difficult for them to feed their three children – two toddlers and one infant. The officers realized it would help ease the situation in the short term if they could at least have some food to carry them through. So they came together, with other officers from MPD, and purchased some food and took it back to the very grateful family.

But then they realized, that may help that one specific situation, but especially with the holidays coming up it wasn’t going to help for very long. So they reached out to Faith in Serving Humanity – and even the officers were amazed at the help FISH was able to provide.

Sgt. Reynolds with Monroe Police Department takes food to a family in the local area. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel
Monroe Police Officers Hackney and Shannon Haynes take food to a local family. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel
More food from Faith in Serving Humanity for a local family delivered by Monroe Police Officer Hackney. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

“We weren’t even sure it was going to fit into the vehicles when we went to pick it up,” MPD police officer Hackney said on Friday when he, Reynolds and MPD public information officer Shannon Haynes went in three vehicles to pick up the supplies. Haynes said the officers were off shift and were doing this for the family because they wanted to help.

“We’ve all been in a similar position at some time and we told him that,” Reynolds said. The family was incredibly grateful when the officers arrived with the supplies, which included diapers and baby formula as well as food and drinks. They wish to remain anonymous and consequently, no photographs of them will be shared. The father did, however, wish to express his gratitude and amazement at how the MPD had responded to the call. Having recently moved to Georgia from out of state, he said he was amazed at the actions of the local police department.

“I can’t believe this, I just can’t believe it,” he kept saying.

Reynolds assured him that he and his family was not alone. That this is a community that supports those in need, especially those who want to help support themselves. The father has been trying to find steady work as a mechanic and in the meantime was doing small jobs, such as fixing brakes, etc. when he could. That, however, did not do enough to effectively keep the wolves from the door. The officers also promised to ask around and see if anybody was in need of more permanent services of a mechanic. The father, who was very emotional as he spoke, said it was his position as the head of the household to support his family and he was struggling with not being able to do so.

“Tears were shed and many moments were made. The family has wished to stay anonymous and pictures of them will not be posted out of respect. We would just like to share the experience and our gratefulness for our and all officers who go above and beyond their duties,” MPD wrote on its Facebook page.

Diapers, formula and food that was taken by officers from Monroe Police Department to a family struggling through the holidays. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

The family also was given a voucher for a Thanksgiving meal from Publix and officers with MPD also let it be known that they were pretty sure that Santa would not be leaving the children out this Christmas season and would be signing them up for the Shop with a Cop event planned for next month.

Editor’s note: If you know of anyone who is in need of the services of a mechanic, please email and we will pass the information along.

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