Father of the Year 2017 – always put needs of family above himself

Our Father of the Year this year is Jeffrey Mitchell, of Walton County, nominated by his daughter, Alyssa Layman, for his sacrifice over the years to make sure that his family always had what they needed. She said not only did he teach she and her sister right from wrong, but his example also taught her what she needed to look for in a father for her own children.

Jeffrey Mitchell, Your Local News 2017 Father of the Year! Contributed photo

“He isn’t just the best father! He is also a wonderful Papa to my children and a loving husband to my mother! I knew what to look for in a husband for myself and a father to my children, because he showed me,” Layman said. “I saw how he treasured my mother, and how he took care of us! Those things you cannot teach.”

Layman said not only did her father work “his butt off” to provide for them as a family, but he would also come home and be a wonderful father too.

“He would work 12 plus hours a day and still came home and coached my sister and I in softball! I am married with two kids, and he would still drop everything if I needed him,” she said. “He never had anytime for himself, because he puts his needs away so ours could be met. He didn’t just provide for the family financially. He was there physically and mentally as well. He spent quality time with us. He taught us right from wrong. He tucked us in at night and read stories to us.”

Alyssa Layman with the certificate for her to present to her father for the winning nomination as Your Local News 2017 Father of the Year. Photo by Melanie Ann Jackson

Layman said before her father got married and settled down to being a family man, he was already taking care of others through a career in the military as a Marine.

“Once again giving up his needs so ours could be met. I wasn’t born at this time, but I am here and have my freedom because of what he and thousands of others do,” Layman said.

She said she is the woman she is today because of the lessons she learned as a child from her father.

“His favorite quote was, ‘You can do anything you want as long as you put your mind to it.’ When I think I am being defeated by an obstacle, I can hear him saying those words to me,” Layman said.

We are glad to be able to honor Jeffrey Mithcell as this year’s Father of the Year. For this honor, in addition to having the love and admiration of his family, he also will get to enjoy:

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  • Striplings General Store – Gift Basket filled with delicious goodies!
  • The Power of Touch Massage – A One Hour Massage!
  • Cocina La Fuentes restaurant Gift Certificate
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Thank you for the submissions for this year’s Father of the Year. If your father didn’t make it this year, please feel free to re-submit again next year.

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