FBC Loganville celebrates 35 years of leadership by Pastor Ronnie Kendall

Press release from Ashley Ottinger - First Baptist Church of Loganville

LOGANVILLE, GA: First Baptist Church of Loganville joyfully announces the
celebration of Pastor Ronnie Kendall’s remarkable 35-year dedication to FBC
Loganville. This significant milestone not only underscores Kendall’s unwavering
commitment, but also acknowledges the integral role he and his wife, Telesa, have
played in fostering the growth and spiritual development of the congregation and the
broader community.

Pastor Ronnie Kendall – First Baptist Church of Loganville. Contributed photo

Throughout the past three and a half decades, Kendall has steered FBC Loganville with
passion, vision, and a profound sense of purpose. His journey at FBC Loganville began
in January 1989 with a focus on youth ministry, and in the Fall of 1991, he ascended to
the role of Lead Pastor. Under Kendall’s leadership, FBC Loganville has experienced
remarkable growth, evolved into an international ministry hub, and initiated several
impactful local non-profits.

His commitment extends beyond the pulpit to his wife, Telesa, and their children, Kirby,
Cole, and Annalyn, evident in every aspect of his life. Telesa, standing alongside Pastor
Ronnie, has been an invaluable partner in ministry, offering steadfast support.
Kendall’s dynamic and inspiring sermons have resonated deeply with congregants,
guiding them on a spiritual journey brimming with faith, love, and compassion. His
approachable and transparent teaching style is consistently evident, creating a profound
connection with the community.

Join us in commemorating 35 years of inspiration, guidance, and unwavering faith as
we honor Kendall and his outstanding contributions to FBC Loganville and the broader

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